Institute Co-Sponsors BU Data + Narrative Workshop

Monday, June 4 – Friday, June 8, 2018

The Data+Narrative Storytelling Workshops at Boston University provide ground-breaking training positions for speakers to engage attendees through powerful data-driven stories. Embarking on it’s fifth successful year training students and professionals from all disciplines, the workshop continues to offer the Digital Badge certification program in Data+Narrative skills. The certification is an electronic token embedded with the individuals name and achievements for signature lines, CVs, and social media. Depending on skill level, attendees can earn one of three digital badges – Data + Narrative, Advanced Data + Narrative, and Data + Narrative with R. These online credentials are in high demand by today’s employers because they succinctly display accomplishments, skills and levels of experience. Instructors are accomplished journalists, statisticians, research analysts and computer scientists. Attendees are drawn from varied professions and backgrounds including law, healthcare, higher education, sales, global finance, engineering, philanthropy, public relations, marketing, government, emergency management and many other fields. In addition to building skills with tools like spreadsheets, data cleaning software or Structured Query Language, attendees learn data visualization techniques, develop statistical programming language aptitude and practice crafting compelling narratives to reach, persuade and engage their audiences.

Instructors this year include Senior CNN Politics Producer Aaron Kessler, award-winning investigative journalist Jennifer LaFleur and Pulitzer-Prize winning news researcher Margot Williams with The Intercept.

More information and registration links can be found on the website.

BU-COM_Sum18_Data+Narrative_Program_D+N_Final_Rev BU-COM_Sum18_Data+Narrative_Program_D+N-Advanced_Final BU-COM_Sum18_Data+Narrative_Program_D+NwithR_Final_Rev