Urban Refuge: Putting Aid on the Map

PI: Noora Lori, International Relations, Pardee School of Global Studies

The project seeks to create the backend of the Urban Refuge, beta-test and launch the product in Amman in 2017. Urban Refuge is a smartphone application providing refugees with new tools for navigating insecurity and managing crises. Furthermore, Urban Refuge enhances the digital infrastructure of cities, and the data collected from the app will be used in faculty and graduate student research to revise the way aid is allocated and distributed in cities, particularly among displaced populations. This phase of developing the application will yield the following outcomes: (A) Data can be collected from app for faculty and graduate student research in determining spatial concentration of aid; (B) Revise the way aid is allocated and distributed in cities as part of a larger mapping project.

This work is funded by a Hariri Research Award made in January, 2017.