Institute Announces Process for Research Funding

In line with its mission to catalyze and propel collaborative, computational and data-driven interdisciplinary research at Boston University, the Hariri Institute is pleased to announce a new process for selecting and funding creative, interdisciplinary research projects. The process is designed to be fairly lightweight, imposing minimal overhead on proposing investigators, while ensuring that the proposal process acts as a catalyst for the exchange and development of research ideas among Institute affiliates.

This process, which was approved by the Institute’s Executive Steering Committee, is the result of extended discussion with and feedback from the Institute’s affiliated faculty. The process reflects the role of the Institute as a partner as opposed to a funding source. In particular, as part of its consideration of proposed projects, the Institute hopes to play an active role by assisting principal investigators in shaping and refining their ideas, in suggesting potential collaborators and partners, and in identifying other possible sources of seed and continuing funding, as well as finding other creative ways to help support proposed projects, whether funded or not.

For details, check the project proposal development, submission, and evaluation process. For more information, contact Win Treese, Associate Director of the Hariri Institute, at