Hariri Science & Engineering Symposium Awards

The Hariri Science Day Awards are given annually to graduate students participating in the BU day-long Science & Engineering Research Symposium. Two $1,000 awards will be given (each split $500 for the student and $500 for the advisor) in recognition of research that exemplifies the power from adopting a computational approach in science and engineering.

  • The Hariri Award for Transformative Computational Science Research
  • The Hariri Award for Innovative Computing Models, Algorithms, and Systems

Respectively, these two awards are meant to reflect the two¬†foci of the Institute’s mission of (a) discovery and innovations through the use of computational and data-driven approaches, and (b) advances in the science of computing inspired by challenges in arts and sciences, engineering, and management disciplines.

The 2012 BU Science & Engineering Research Symposium will be held on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. The deadline for poster submissions is Wednesday February 29.

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