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Waqas Munir


Mr. Waqas Munir is a Senior Manager at JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co. Ltd., an independent credit rating agency formed through a joint venture between the Japan Credit Rating Agency (Japan’s premier rating agency) and Vital Information Services (Pakistan’s independent financial research organization). In that role, he supervises teams of analysts that execute rating assignments of leading Pakistani conglomerates in industries such as textiles, oil and gas exploration, electric power, chemicals and fertilizers, banking and finance, and consumer goods. He also served on a team that undertook the sovereign rating assignment of Turkey. He is the youngest voting member of the JCR-VIS rating committee, a group that makes final rating decisions on reports submitted by rating teams.

Mr. Munir holds a Masters in Finance (MSc) with Distinction from the University of Manchester and a BS in Management from the University of the Punjab. He further holds professional certifications as an Accredited Lead Assessor, a Social Auditor, and a Financial Risk Manager. Prior to graduate school, he undertook studies in entrepreneurship and finance at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

During his Fellowship year, Mr. Munir plans to advance his knowledge of how credit ratings are designed and implemented in the U.S through gaining hands on experience by working with a rating agency. He also hopes to work with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission on topics related to strengthening the regulatory framework of credit rating institutions. Following his return to Pakistan, Mr. Munir will strive to improve capital markets by enhancing the quality of services and establishing best practices in the field of credit ratings.