Sibendu Moharana

SibenduDr. Sibendu Moharana is a senior officer of the Indian Revenue Service. His most recent assignment was to administer tax laws in Chennai, one of India’s largest cities. He has worked in a variety of areas of taxation, including enforcement, intelligence, investigation, tax audit, and taxpayer services. These experiences have enabled him to identify both overt and covert linkages between tax policies and financial scams. He has worked extensively in the field of international taxation and transfer pricing—two of the most challenging areas for today’s tax administrators throughout the world. Sibendu holds a doctorate in chemistry from Utkal University. He has also obtained a degree in management and public policy from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. During his Humphrey year, he plans to enhance his expertise in the tax sector by gaining more in-depth knowledge of the tax policies, tax audit procedures, and investigation systems in the United States.