Oksana Moroko

OksanaOksana Moroko has over ten years of experience in the Ukrainian banking industry. In 2006, she became the manager of a new branch of ProCredit Bank, the highest-rated bank in Ukraine, and one year later her branch was awarded “Best Branch of 2007.” Since then, she has been enlisted to develop and manage several other branches. She has also been recognized as one of the bank’s most effective mentors. Throughout her career, Oksana has maintained a commitment to working with charitable organizations, especially orphanages. In addition to volunteering herself, she has enlisted the support of ProCredit Bank in renovating orphanage facilities and providing educational workshops. Oksana graduated from State Technical University of Rivne with the degree of “specialist” (master’s degree) in economics, with a concentration in the economics of enterprise. During her Humphrey Fellowship, she intends to enhance her professional expertise in the banking industry and learn more about corporate social responsibility and community involvement.