Zbynek Stork

Zbynek StorkMr. Zbynek Stork is the head of economic modeling in the analytical Department of Financial Policies of the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Finance. Shortly after entering the Ministry of Finance in 2004, Mr. Stork became a member of the government analytical expert team, where he investigated the Czech pension system and various reform proposals.

Currently, he leads the Economic Modeling Unit, which predicts official macroeconomic forecasts, publishes strategic country reports for the European Union, and prepares analyses of intended fiscal policy measures. In addition, Mr. Stork is a national delegate to expert committees of the European Commission. In the Aging Working Group, he quantifies budgetary impacts of future demographic changes; in the Output Gap Working Group, he analyzes economic cycles.

Mr. Stork holds a master’s degree from the University of Economics, Prague. He is currently a candidate for a doctorate in economics with a dissertation project titled “Term Structure of Interest Rates: Macro-Finance approach.”

During his Humphrey year, Mr. Stork wants to develop his skills in statistics and econometrics, as well as macroeconomics. He strives to become an expert in macroeconomic analysis and consultancy.