Violet Chatsika

Violet ChatsikaMs. Violet Chatsika has over years of hands-on experience and expertise in foreign reserve management at Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM). As a member of the Investment Committee of RBM, she contributes in the evolution of reserves management from simple term deposits to more complex investment strategies. She also leads a team in developing an in-house Book-Entry system for processing government securities.

Ms. Chatsika received her master’s degree in business administration from Bradford University. She has also earned a fellowship with a regional institute, Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI). Ms. Chatsika continues to be a regular advisor for MEFMI in the areas of foreign reserve management and Front Office operations.

During her Humphrey year, Ms. Chatsika intends to acquire intensive understanding of developed financial markets operations and investment strategies available for managing counterparty risk. In particular, she would like to develop a counterparty risk framework that can be use for a low resource bank. Furthermore, Ms. Chatsika’s ambition is to play a pivotal role in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy to guide in the attainment of her country’s Millennium Development Goals. Under this strategy, the reduction of poverty in Malawi can be achieved.