Dilorom Mirsaliyeva

Dilorom MirsaliyevaMs. Dilorom Mirsaliyeva is currently an English teacher Ysuf Sayremi School of Kazakhstan.  For over six years, she has served as a trainer for English teachers in Kazakhstan and central Asia.  Ms. Mirsaliyeva is also the co-founder the Center for Development and Education. This is the first NGO in her village which is dedicated to furthering youth and adult education.  During her fellowship in the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA), she studied for two months at George Mason University in Virginia.

Ms. Mirsaliyeva possesses a bachelor’s degree in teaching English as a foreign language from South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University. Her academics focused specifically on the research and development of TESOL theories and practices.

During her Humphrey year, Ms. Mirsaliyeva plans to develop programs that teach English to ethnic minorities in Kazakhstan through the study of pedagogical techniques of English as non-native language and professional development experience in an ESL classroom as well as with an NGO aimed at developing minority cultures.