David Tomadze

David TomadzeMr. David Tomadze is currently the Head of the Office of Tax Appeals in the Ministry of Finance, as well as a member of the Tax Appeals Council of Georgia. Mr. Tomadze’s significant contributions are demonstrated by his introduction of the first Electronic Case Management System in his first year of employment. His work in the Ministry of Finance increased the Council’s level of credibility and trust; the number of applications increased from 400 cases to 1400 in only two years.

Mr. Tomadze received his master’s degree in law from Tbilisi State University. As a recipient of the Scholarship of the President of Georgia, he obtained his LLM degree from the University of Helsinki. For the past several years, Mr. Tomadze has taught academic legal writing at the Georgian Young Lawyer’s Association. He also co-authored the new Tax Code of Georgia.

During his Humphrey year, Mr. Tomadze intends to obtain an understanding of American tax procedures. His ultimate goal is to continue the reformation of the tax system of Georgia to make it more simple, just and efficient. These modifications will transform his home country to a more attractive one for local businesses as well as foreign investors.