Daniel Wowczuk

Daniel WowczukMr. Daniel Wowczuk is the advisor to the Board of Directors at the Central Bank of Argentina, where he collaborates with the banking regulation committee. Previously, Mr. Wowczuk was the advisor to the President of the Board of Directors at the state-owned Banco de la Nación Argentina, the main commercial bank in the country. His work involved enhancing the connection between bank and government branches, financing infrastructure projects, expanding mortgage schemes, promoting SME credit access and strategizing with other companies.

Mr. Wowczuk holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Universidad de San Andrés. Daniel obtained his master’s degree in finance with a specialization in financial systems from the Universidad Torcuato di Tella (Argentina). His training includes econometrics (BoE, UK), economic development policies (ESRI, Japan), economic planning and management (INTAN, Malaysia) and financial programming and policies (IMF, US).

During his Humphrey year, Mr. Wowczuk is interested in developing management and leadership skills, as well as understanding best practices of the private and government sectors. With this knowledge, he wishes to integrate Argentina into the world financial markets.