Cisem Dincer

Cisem TiftikciogluMs. Cisem Dincer is an experienced banker with more than twelve years of experience in internal control, audit and financial analysis. Most recently, she worked as chief internal auditor of the largest state bank in Turkey supervising internal auditors that investigate fraud and embezzlement on computer-based systems.

With her team, Ms. Dincer introduced an e-reporting system which allowed her company to sustainably go paperless. By monitoring new reporting systems, she improved operational efficiency and enhanced internal auditors work by submitting auditing and control processing reports. Ms. Dincer also prepared auditing and control processing reports and analyzed internal auditor’s work according to regulations of risk management and internal auditing principles.

Ms. Dincer received her bachelor’s degree in international relations and attended a full time intensive banking and finance training school for one year. Cisem earned her master’s degree in international economic affairs with a concentration in economics and finance.

During her Humphrey year, Ms. Dincer intends to focus on auditing processes, banking controls and regulations, project management and IT implementation on banking systems. She also plans to expand her knowledge of anti-money laundering regulations and programs in order to build new projects and develop financial reforms in Turkey’s banking and financial system.