Arwa Eshaq

Arwa EshaqMs. Arwa Ezzi Eshaq is currently an English instructor at America-Mideast Educational and Training Services. She is also a part-time teacher at Sana’a University, Faculty of Education. Department of English. Ms. Eshaq has attended several EFL workshops and seminars held by the local British Council Division in her region and attended the third annual Qatar TESOL conference 2008. Funded by the Development Partnership in Higher Education (DelPHE), Ms. Eshaq is also part of a team working on women empowerment.

Ms. Eshaq holds a master’s degree from Sana’a University in Curricula & Methods of Teaching English.

During her Humphrey year, Ms. Eshaq intends to enhance her knowledge of current methodologies associated with teaching English as a second language, including the implementation of TESOL standards initiatives, professional development of non-native speaker teachers of English, classroom interaction strategies, effective classroom management, activities for motivating learners and network-based language teaching. She hopes to gain knowledge in more effective teaching and exposure to improve all aspects of education through shared ideas and experience with other colleagues in her field.