Lhaba Tshering

E-mail Lhaba Tshering

E-mail Lhaba Tshering

Mr. Lhaba Tshering is a senior planning officer at the Gross National Happiness Commission in Bhutan and is responsible for planning and coordinating all issues related to health and human resource development at a national level. His work entails constant dialogue and discussions with both government stakeholders and development partners to ensure that all Official Development Assistance inflow in the sectors aligns with national priorities. He has also represented his country in a number of international conferences and meetings.

As an undergraduate student at Sherubtse College in Bhutan, Mr. Tshering served as the secretary of the student body and subsequently as its president. During this time he made many positive contributions to improving the collective life at the college and enhancing the profile of the student body.

As a recipient of the Monbusho Scholarship from the Government of Japan, Mr. Tshering received his master’s degree in economics from the University of Wakayama.

Through the Humphrey Program, Mr. Tshering plans to both expand his knowledge of economic options for small LDC countries like Bhutan, and gain insight into U.S. policies on international issues. In this way, he expects to be able to further contribute to the attainment of his country’s unique development objective of Gross National Happiness.