Internship Program

This US Department of State-sponsored program brings leaders from around the world into our Boston University community for a year, to foster their professional development and promote friendship between their countries and the U. S..  Humphrey Fellows meet with the Secretary of State and conduct internships at institutions such as The World Bank and National Geographic.  Some Humphrey Program alumni have become presidents and prime ministers of their respective countries.

This is a rare opportunity to participate in one of the US Government’s most prestigious international exchange programs—right here on campus. Interns will be able to work in administrative, finance, marketing, outreach, and other areas depending on interest.

We are looking for students who:
- Have strong organizational skills;
- Understand basic, professional protocols (answering emails within 24hrs in principle, etc.);
- Can write well;
- Have a strong interest in hands-on work with local people in developing countries, facilitating the documentation of their cultures;
- Are willing to dedicate themselves to this work.

We are not currently accepting internship applications for the spring. Please be sure to check back in April for opportunities in the summer and fall. If you have any questions or concerns please send them to