2017-2018 Seminars Conclude with Leadership Session and Reflections

in Weekly Seminar Series
May 2nd, 2018

On Monday, April 30th, Fellows and coordinators gathered for the final meeting of the 2017–2018 Spring Seminar Series.

BU HHHP Director and Associate Director of Organizational Behavior Jack McCarthy delivered his final lecture on leadership development. He summarized the leadership lessons of the entire year and emphasized the changing nature of leadership. The Fellows practiced giving each other feedback during during their Admired Leaderships Capstone Projects, as well as what they thought they could improve. Dr. McCarthy reflected on the past seminars through out the year, reminding the Fellows of how far they have come. He also reminded Fellows of the two core capacities of leadership in the 21st century: Adaptability (flexibility and openness to change) and Identity (self awareness and presence).

With this year’s cohort just days away from their Commencement and subsequent return to their respective countries, Prof. McCarthy concluded his lecture with a clip from the 2002 film, The Emperor’s Club in which a private school teacher edifies his students on the meaning of the Latin phrase Finis origine pendet— “the end depends on the beginning”.

Following Prof. McCarthy’s lecture, Fellows and coordinators made declarative statements about their personal and/or professional goals going forward and the steps they will take towards becoming a better leader.


Prof. Jack McCarthy reviewed many of the leadership strategies discussed throughout the Spring Seminar Series.