Weekly Seminar Series: U.S. Foreign Policy

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November 5th, 2013

Dr. Andrew Bacevich, Chair of the International Relations Department at Boston University led today’s discussion with the Humphrey Fellows regarding U.S. Foreign Relations and Foreign Policy. Among other accomplishments, Dr. Bacevich has multiple texts and articles published relating to U.S. history, foreign policy, and current events. Today’s seminar considered multiple questions related to the role of the United States in international conflicts, most notable of which being the civil war in Syria. Topics discussed included several arguments for and against intervention, and what role President Obama has to play in these major decisions. Dr. Bacevich explained how the “multi-power era” of the 21st century further complicates already difficult decisions regarding investing in military action. As to how these powers may affect the United States’ decision on Syria, Dr. Bacevich stated, “Once the door is opened to war, the door is also opened to enormous uncertainty.” Dr. Bacevich fielded questions and spoke on a variety of foreign policy topics that allowed fellows to gain new insights on the American perspective.