Weekly Seminar Series: U.S. Finance

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November 5th, 2013

Theodore Chadwick, lecturer on finance at Boston University’s School of Management, led today’s seminar that introduced the Fellows’ “My Money Story” assignment. This seminar aimed to not only introduce the fundamental theories around the concept of money in America, but it also provided Fellows a chance to ask questions about the country’s many financial oddities, such as the idea of the stock market, credit scores, and reverse mortgages. Chadwick discussed how people’s resources, education, and ability to share and capitalize on ideas explain how some are able to get ahead financially while others are left behind. Pivotal moments in the country’s financial history, including the 1929 stock market crash, were explained in light of the recent federal shutdown. Chadwick advised Fellows to learn more about the insurance industry and risk management in order to understand familial financial decisions. This seminar was intended to discuss the United States’ unique economy and to arm Fellows with the tools necessary to complete their assignment.