Weekly Seminar Series: The U.S. Political System

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November 5th, 2013

Douglas Kriner, Associate Professor of Political Science, held this week’s seminar. Professor Kriner is a specialist in American Politics, Separation of Powers, and the Use of Force, and has produced two influential books: The Casualty Gap: The Causes and Consequences of American Military Policymaking, and After the Rubicon: Congress, Presidents, and the Politics of Waging War. This week, Dr. Kriner lectured and led a discussion on the U.S. Political System. The key question was: Why did President Obama bother to ask Congress whether to bomb Syria? The conversation dug deep into multiple issues, from the US government’s intentions behind waiting so long to take action against Syria to a discussion about whether the US had enough information to fully blame Bashar al-Assad for the chemical attack. Dr. Kriner’s seminar lasted 2 hours and included a 30-minute question and answer section that allowed Fellows to voice their opinions and raise questions of their own.