Article IV – University Administration

Section 1: President

The President of the University is the official head of its educational and administrative programs and shall be elected by the Board of Trustees to hold office at its pleasure. The President shall supervise and direct the management of the University, may, except as limited by the Corporation, exercise all of the business powers of the Corporation, have general oversight of all courses of study and research in the several Schools and Colleges and of the general academic work of the University, be Chairman of all Faculties and of the University Faculty, and be ex officio a member of all committees of the Corporation except the Audit Committee. The President shall prepare an annual budget for presentation to the Board of Trustees. After the adoption of the budget by the Board of Trustees, the President may approve supplemental items of income and expense in accordance with the Trustees’ budget policy, and shall from time to time inform the Corporation of such changes.

Section 2: Other Officers of Administration

Vice Presidents and Provosts shall be appointed by the Corporation upon the recommendation of the President and shall serve at his or her pleasure with such powers and duties as may be assigned to them by the President.

Section 3: Deans

A Dean shall be appointed for each School or College by the Corporation upon the recommendation of the President and shall serve at his or her pleasure.

Section 4: Faculties

Following the process specified in the Faculty Handbook, all faculty appointments shall be approved by the President and reported to the Corporation.

Faculty members shall carry out teaching, research and other duties as shall be approved by the Chairman of their department, the Dean of their School or College and the Provost.