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Mentor of the Year

Kim McCall, Boston University Professor of Biology (2020-2021)

Professor Kim McCall was awarded our 2020 Mentor of the Year award at our first virtual Fall Keynote on October 22nd. After being nominated various times over the past few years, and particularly this year, Professor McCall is more than deserving of this award for her leadership, mentorship, and incredible work as an advisor and the chair of the biology department. Below are a few excerpts from the nominations which highlight her commitment to mentorship:

Kim is the most helpful professor I know.  In addition to being the chair of the department, she spends countless hours working and helping her students.”

“Kim is always there for her students. I graduated 5 years ago, but she has made it clear that anytime that I need to talk to her, she is available. She set the example of a strong, female leader and made it known to me that I could do anything I set my mind to.”

“Kim has been my safe port at BU …The doors of her office are always open and she makes everyone feel welcome. Her leadership as the chair of the Biology Department is outstanding, especially this past year. I can say with confidence that Kim is deserving of this prestigious award. She is a great mentor, leader and female role model for me and everyone else in the department and beyond.”

“For me and many others, she has been a positive role model in so many ways – as a woman, a scientist, and a mom.”

Following the award announcement, we did a brief interview with Professor McCall to learn more about her story as a mentor:

I believe the most important aspect of mentoring is recognizing that each student is unique and has different needs. Therefore, I adapt my approach to each individual student, their circumstances and their career stage. [Throughout my experience as a mentor], there have been many memorable moments when my students have given great talks at professional conferences or at their thesis defenses.  There have been a number of occasions when my professional colleagues have told me what a great talk my student gave, which has made me feel very proud as their mentor. Another memorable event was when one of my former students told me I needed to “throw more fish” which was a reference to positive reinforcement in seal training.  I really appreciated the feedback from a student telling me how I could improve as a mentor. [If I were to give one advice to other women in STEM, it would definitely be] develop a support network.

Thank you Professor Kim McCall!

Suchi Gopal, Boston University Professor of Earth and Environment (2019-2020)

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Advocate of the Year

Daniel Kleinman, Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs and Professor of Sociology in the College of Arts & Sciences at Boston University (2018-2019)

Joyce Wong, Boston University Distinguished Professor of Engineering (2017-2018)

Jean Fan, Founder and Director of CuSTEMized (2016-2017)

Joanne Kamens, Executive Director of Addgene (2015-2016)

Laurie Leshin, President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2014-2015)