Newsletter May 2009


Graduate Women in Science and Engineering, Boston University 15 May 2009

BU GWISE Newsletter and Upcoming Events – May 2009

1) Welcome to GWISE!
2) Open GWISE meeting, May 28th, 5-6:30pm in LSEB (24 Cummington) Rm. 103
3) Grant Writing Workshop – Panelists Needed!
4) Ice Cream Social, June 4th, 5pm on the lawn in front of COM
5) Boston Museum of Science – 16 passes available, June 13th. RSVP. Time TBA.
6) GWISE Website
7) GWISE Special interest groups: Book Club; Fitness; Museum, Arts, and Culture.
8) SET in the City Volunteers Needed (High School Girls in Sci&Eng Event), June 13th, varied shifts
(10:30am – 3:15pm), at BU.
1) Welcome to GWISE!
We would like to officially welcome all of you to BU’s new Graduate Women In Science and
Engineering (GWISE) group! Our goal is to create a social and professional network which fosters
interactions among graduate women across the many science and engineering disciplines here at
BU. We’ll be hosting everything from ice cream socials to career development workshops to mentoring
and volunteer opportunities, and we hope you’ll join us as often as you can.
If you know of a program or person that you feel should be included in GWISE, please send us an email
( so that we can get the ball rolling. Please feel free to pass this along to any men
who you think might like to participate, and ask them to send us a request to be placed on the e-mail
list. We welcome any and all graduate students interested in participating in our social or professional
Upcoming events will be outlined in a monthly newsletter. A full calendar and other supplemental
Graduate Women in Science and Engineering, Boston University 15 May 2009
information about events and activitives will be available on our website, If you
have ideas or feedback for us, you can always let us know via e-mail ( or at an open
meeting, where many decisions about upcoming events will be made. We look forward to meeting all
of you at our monthly socials, professional programs, and open meetings!
~Your GWISE officers
Thursday, May 28th, 5-6:30pm in
LSEB (24 Cummington) Rm. 103
Please join us at our upcoming open meeting for an update on our plans for the summer and fall, and
to give your input on which events and opportunities you are most interested in. General information
(scheduling for newsletters/events/meeting, group funding and budgeting) will also be discussed. Light
refreshments will be served.
3) Grant Writing Workshop – Panelists needed!
We hope to host a workshop near the end of June on the art of writing grant proposals. We’ll be
putting together a panel of folks who might be able to share some advice. We’re currently looking for
any graduate students or post-docs who have been successful in procuring grants for either graduate
school research (possibly outside fellowship funding) or beginning post-doc research. If you or
someone you know is willing to share your experiences, please e-mail Meredith Danowski
( with your contact information.
Contact: Meredith <>
4) Ice Cream Social!!!
Thursday, June 4th, 5-6 pm
Take a break from work and join GWISE for ice cream sundaes on the lawn of COM!
Contact: Anna <>
5) Boston Museum of Science Trip
Saturday, June 13
Let’s celebrate the beginning of summer and GWISE with a trip to (arguably) the greatest place in
Graduate Women in Science and Engineering, Boston University 15 May 2009
Boston! GWISE will visit the Museum of Science on Saturday, June 13th. Free passes are available for
up to 16 people. Please RSVP to if you’d like to attend.
Contact: Anna <>
6) GWISE Website
Our GWISE website is up and running – check it out!
Contact: Delaram <>
7) GWISE special interest groups
GWISE Book Club meets once per month and reads a wide variety of literature. If you are interested
in participating please contact Anna Barry at
Contact: Anna <>
GWISE Fitness: Mon @ 6:45pm (Rm 220), Fri @ 6p (Rm 131). Come join your fellow GWISE
members for regular group exercise (kickboxing, step, weights, etc) twice a week for about an hour.
Email to be added to the group.
Contact: Angela <>
GWISE Museum, Arts, and Culture: This group will visit museums, galleries, or cultural events in
Boston. Summer events include Berkley outdoor concerts and Boston Landmark Orchestra concerts on
the Esplanade. A calendar with all tentative events will be posted on the website.
Contact Shirley <>
8) SET in the City Volunteers Needed
Sat, June 13
On Saturday June 13th, BU will be hosting SET (Science, Engineering, and Technology) in the City
for a large group of high school girls. The program will include an information fair with demo tables
and posters. We need your help! We would like to get some grad students from a variety of disciplines
to set up shop and show the girls how awesome your science is. General information on the program
can be found here:
Volunteering can also take the form of eating lunch with students at Harvard or Wentworth, or even
continuing for the panel discussion at MOS followed by an Omni show. To volunteer, sign up here:
We’ll be sending out a flyer and some more information next week. If you have any questions, please
contact Meredith Danowski <>. Hope to see you there!