The GSO is always looking for volunteers to help with current projects! If there are any projects you would like to be involved with addressing, please email us at!

Professional Development Event Planning

We are trying to put a lot of effort into adding in professional development events. Sadly, we are lacking in manpower! If you are interested in helping us plan, a list of events that we’d love your help in getting planned is available on our events page.

Results of the Winter 2011-12 Survey

In the winter of 2011-12 the GSO conducted a survey. We asked about topics including health care, pay schedules, GSO events, and for other feedback. We had a lot of responses! The full write-up of the analysis of these responses is here. Since the survey, we have elected a Professional Development Chairperson, have had a representative from the GSO attend the health insurance negotiations and have relayed the survey results to the administration, and look forward to continuing to change to better address the needs of the graduate student body.

Results of Fall 2009 Survey

In fall 2009 the GSO conducted a survey regarding topics that had been brought up during meetings to find out how much these issues were felt by the student population at large. These topics covered:

  • “Regular” Printing Needs
  • Poster Printing Needs and Availability
  • Interest in Graduate Research Seminars
  • Bike commuting

A pdf of the results is available. PDF