NOTICE: GSO Officer Elections

At the next meeting (Monday 12/12) we will hold elections for the 2017 executive board. A descriptions of the positions is below. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for any of these positions please send an email to gso [at] bu [dot] edu. You may be nominated for more than one position.
I strongly encourage you to run, all of these positions are a small time commitment, but they look great on your CV/resume and they represent a chance to serve your community and leave BU a little better for the next generation of graduate students.
Executive board (for January – December 2017 term):
President – (incumbent, Adam Iaizzi, stepping down) The President’s primary responsibility is to schedule and run meetings (4-5 per semester). The president also updates the website (no experience required) and monitors the GSO email address.
Vice President – (incumbent, Sara Belkin, stepping down) The Vice President’s primary duty is to order pizza for the meetings. In the case of the absence of the president, the Vice President also chairs the meetings.
Treasurer – (incumbent, Aviva Cormier, stepping down) The Treasurer keeps track of the balance in the GSO account and helps process expense reports for the travel grants.
Secretary – (incumbent, Sarabeth Buckley, running) The Secretary takes minutes during the meetings.
Committee Chairships:*
Cosponsored Event Committee – (incumbent, Sara Belkin, stepping down) The Cosponsored Event Committee Chair reviews cosponsored event applications (fewer than 10 per year) and presents them to the GSO for a vote.
Social Chair – (incumbent, Darcy Gordon, stepping down) The Social Chair organizes pub nights and/or other social events. This positions is highly flexible since you can decide whether to stick to standard events or get more creative.
Note: Committee chairs do not need to be elected by the GSO, we just need someone to volunteer.
If you have any questions about any of the positions, feel free to email the GSO or contact the current officers. They’re all listed here:

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