Kappa Alpha Theta

Published: June 27th, 2012

A new sorority is coming to Boston University this Fall!

Kappa Alpha Theta will be colonizing at BU! Check back here for further information and updates on their recruitment process and events.

Please direct any questions you may have to .

Splash 2012

Published: June 27th, 2012

On September 2nd at 4 PM SPLASH will be happening on Nickerson Field in West Campus.  Come find the Greek section where every fraternity and sorority will be available to help answer questions about joining Greek life at Boston University.  Our newest sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, will be at SPLASH with more information about how you can join!

Also look for the Panhellenic & IFC tables to receive general information about Greek Life at BU!

Looking forward to seeing the class of 2016 there!

Greek Life Chapter Standards Program 2009-2010

Published: April 3rd, 2010

In a continued effort to improve and strengthen the Greek community at Boston University, the Student Activities Office, in conjunction with the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and Multicultural Greek Councils are continuing our Greek-wide standards program which will allow for evaluations of all fraternal organizations on campus. The goal of this evaluation is to learn more about each individual chapter, what their relationship is with Boston University, and how they contribute to the University as well as to the Greek Community overall.  We will also use this program to determine winners for the Greek Life Awards which will be given out at a ceremony on April 27, 2010 at 7:00pm in the GSU Backcourt.

Each chapter will be required to complete these standards. Packets must be completed and turned into the Student Activities office by 12pm (noon) on Tuesday April 20, 2010. The packets will be reviewed by the Greek Life Advising staff and other members of the Student Activities Office and returned to chapters in Fall 2010.

The packet is broken up into ten categories which the university views as areas that contribute to a successful Greek Letter Organization. Please provide as much information as possible for each category.  Each section will be graded and have a possible 10 points to be earned. There will be Greek Life Awards given out for each category.

The total number of points possible to earn is 100. Chapters who receive between 90-100 points will be considered “Excellent.” Chapters between 70-89 points will be deemed “Satisfactory” and chapters who receive less than 70 points will be deemed “poor.”  These rankings will help your organization to assess what areas you need to improve upon as an organization and to celebrate what you are doing well. Any organization who receives a “poor” rating for three years consecutively will be put on probation until a satisfactory or excellent rank is achieved. Chapters who rank “Excellent” are eligible to win the Student Activities Award “fraternity of the year” or “sorority of the year.”

Failure to participate in the Standards Program will result in immediate loss of university recognition.

An overview of the Greek Life Standards

These packets indicate the areas in which you be assessed. Please keep the returned packets in the same order as this outline and provide as much information for each section as you can. You may present the packet in whatever format you desire but be aware that presentation does count towards your overall score.

1. Values/ Mission:

Tell us about how your programming and operations reflect the values/mission of your organization. Feel free to share this information throughout the standards.

2. Organization/ Structure:

Share about your chapter’s organization and structure, some examples of information that may go into this category are:

o    Chapter Calendar
o    Meeting dates, times and locations
o    Organizational Chart of the organization with a brief explanation of each position
o    Proof that the organization is in good financial standing with the national organization and with the Boston University Student Activities Business Office
o    Roster
o    Advisor contact information

3. Recruitment:

Tell us about your recruitment schedule, highlights and proud moments. What did you do exceptionally well this year?

4. New Member Education:

Share some information about your new member program, anti-hazing initiatives and creative education with new members.

5. Philanthropy/ Service:

Share information about organization’s philanthropy and service participation.

o      Please include information about events planned by each chapter as well as service done and information about support that the chapter showed for other organizations.
*For the statistical information, please include:
o      Number of hours of service completed
o      Amount of money raised in philanthropy.

6. Scholarship/ Academics:

Provide information about organization academic policy/ program and how its been implemented.

7.  Brotherhood/Sisterhood:

Provide information about all official brotherhood or sisterhood activities and events.

8. Leadership

Please indicate all official and unofficial leadership opportunities provided by or attended by your organization.

o      Official includes leadership workshops or conferences where the leadership development is apparent.
o      Unofficial includes leadership positions held in other organizations or opportunities that your organization deemed beneficial for the leadership of the group.

9. Relationship with university:

Please provide information on how your organization has created an impact on campus and abided by Boston University policies and procedures.

o      President meetings with Su once per month
o      Registration of events with SAO
o      List of honors, organizations, majors that members of the organization are a part of
o      Participation in campus-wide events
o      Support of Boston University athletics

10. Commitment to Greek Life:

Please provide information about your organization’s commitment to Greek Life at BU.

o    Chapter presence at all Panhel/IFC/or MGC meetings
o    Participation in all Panhel/IFC or MGC sponsored activities
o    Participation in all Greek-wide sponsored activities
o    Support of other fraternities and sororities approved philanthropy and social events.