Hazing Policy

Boston University Hazing Policy

Boston University hazing policy will be in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at all times. (See below for the Commonwealth statute on hazing.) Moreover, the University’s standards of personal conduct substantially exceed the minimum expectations of civil law and custom. Student organizations and individual students found in violation of Massachusetts hazing laws will be subject to University disciplinary action.

In accordance with Chapter 536, section 19, the Student Activities Office has developed the following procedures:

1. At the time of registration, the president of each student group, team, or organization shall receive a copy of the law and will be required to sign a statement acknowledging that he or she has received such copy of the law, that he or she shall distribute a copy of this law to every member, plebe, pledge, or applicant for membership of the organization, and that the group, team, or organization understands and agrees to comply with the provisions of this law.

2. This statement will be kept in the group, club, or organization’s permanent file in the Student Activities Office.

3. The Student Activities Office will make available to each group, team, or organization as many copies of the law as necessary both when the group, team, or organization registers for the year and throughout the year as necessary to ensure that the organization can comply with its responsibilities as outlined in section 19 of the law.

If you have any questions concerning this law or the University policies pertaining to the law, please contact a Student Activities Office Coordinator of Programs at 617-353-3635.

As found in the Boston University Lifebook.