Executive Board

The 2013-2014 Panhellenic Council

Brittany Hedenberg
Panhellenic President
SMG 2014
Major: Marketing & Law
Hometown: Closter, NJ
Fun Fact: I used to ride quads and dirt bikes growing up!
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Revealing myself at Recruitment 2013 and running back to my chapter!
Favorite Quality of Greek Life:The best part about being Greek is getting to know so many people at BU and making friends in every chapter. Even at such a big school, you’re bound to always find a friendly face walking down Comm Ave!

Jamie Ellis
VP Programming
COM/CAS 2015
Major: Public Relations and Political Science. I am also a dance minor.
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backwards in less than three seconds.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: There are too many to sort through, but welcoming Theta and DTD this year was an incredible experience. It really illustrated how we can expand our community and almost instantaneously feel the same companionship towards our newest members as we do for our long standing ones.
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: I think the general strength of our community is really illustrated in how we come together to accomplish things. Last year, for instance, we decided to support a Greek-wide philanthropy, Dream Street. All of our Greek Week proceeds benefited the organization. I think that’s a wonderful example of how our passions and interests can be extended to help others.

Liza Moskowitz
VP Judicial Affairs
COM 2015
panhellenic council page
Major: Advertising
Hometown: Plano, TX
Fun Fact: I have to eat all the red M&M’s first, and then I can eat the rest of bag.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Recruitment 2013
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: Finding mentors within older sisters who are willing to help with anything and everything.

Carly Weinstein
VP Finance
SMG 2015
panhel 2
Major: Management
Hometown: Needham, MA
Fun Fact: Every member of my immediate family is born on a holiday..
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Heading to sunset with my family after big/little reveal.
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: The immeasurable support and constant energy that comes with being a part of an organization of such amazing men and women.

Victoria Taylo
VP Philanthropy
COM 2015
Major: Public Relations
Hometown: New Jersey
Fun Fact: The origin of my last name, Taylo, is Filipino.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Getting my Big !
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: I have so many sisters. I am an only child so I never got to experience that.

Cathy Lee McNeill
VP Chapter Development
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Newtown Square, PA
Fun Fact: I’ve been to over 130 MLB games in my life.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Working with the Panhellenic Council and IFC to run Greek Week in the fall of 2011 as VP of Programming
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: I love the unity and school spirit BU Greek Life brings out in its members. There are so many of us who are so passionate about what we do, and when we come together we can accomplish many great things like raising money for various philanthropies or creating leadership opportunities for our students.

Stephanie Perry
VP Public Relations
COM 2014
Photo on 2010-09-10 at 17.05 #3
Major: Public Relations, Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Rochester, MA
Fun Fact: I was on an episode of Sesame Street.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Meeting my amazing big and family.
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: How it brings girls of all different interests and backgrounds together to work for a greater cause.

Kate Schade
VP Campus Affairs
CGS 2014, COM 2016
Major: Public Relations Minor: Psychology and French
Hometown: Sharon, MA
Fun Fact: I went to school for some time in Rouen, France during my senior year in high school.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: My favorite memory of Greek life was when my big wrote me a motivational letter before Panhel speeches, which gave me an extra boost of confidence and left me feeling unconditionally loved.
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: My favorite quality of Greek life is that simply being a member of this community fosters personal growth and leadership skills that have a life changing impact.

Madeleine Piccus
VP Scholarship & Academic Affairs
BS in Health Studies – Sargent 2014 Doctorate of Physical therapy (DPT) – Sargent 2016
me in GC
Major: BS in Health Studies – Sargent 2014 Doctorate of Physical therapy (DPT) – Sargent 2016d
Hometown: Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Fun Fact: I have two different colored eyes!
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Bid night (When I went through recruitment) – I remember looking around when everyone received their bids and seeing everyone’s happniess and excitement, including my own, around the room. It was a moment I will never forget!
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: I love that all greek organizations including sororities and fraternities come out to support philanthropy events for every organization and help raise money for a wide variety of charities. Its incredible to see the amount of support the greek community has for all members.

Lily Cohen
CGS 2014 SHA 2016
Major: Hospitality Administration
Hometown: Armonk, NY
Fun Fact: I’ve never broken a bone.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Big/ little reveal.
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: My favorite quality about greek life is how close knit the community is and that girls from different sororites are still able to be close friends even though they are not in the same chapter.

Katie Pellino
Recruitment Director
CAS/ SPH 2014
Major: International Relations/ Public Health
Hometown: Madison, WI
Fun Fact: I have a horse named Scooter.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Preference night. I talked to future big and felt the hugest rush of relief stepping into my chapter room. I felt like I’d found a home more than 1000 miles away from where I grew up.
Favorite Quality of Greek Life:My favorite quality about greek life is how helpful and supportive everyone is to one another. Whether it’s a job reference, a restaurant recommendation, or someone to take care of you while you’re sick, panhellenic women are always going out of their way to help each other out.

Cissy Hu
Recruitment Marshall
SMG 2014
Major: Finance & Business Law Minor: Political Science
Hometown: Orange County, New York
Fun Fact: I know four languages.
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Serving on my chapter’s executive board with some of my best friends.
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: The sense of community that Greek life provides us on a daily basis as well as during Greek-wide events such as Greek week.

Nicole Merrit
Head Recruitment Counselor
COM 2014
Major: Public Relations Minor: Business Administration and Management
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Fun Fact: My dream job is to be a photographer for National Geographic
Favorite Memory of Greek Life: Being elected to Panhel.
Favorite Quality of Greek Life: Being apart of a community dedicated to making a difference, and has fun doing so!