Executive Board

Carlos Barrero
COM 2013
Hometown: Valley Stream, NY
Fun Fact: I can play any string instrument and have the ability of relative pitch.
Favorite  Part of Greek Life: Making personal and professional connections through my own organization and others.

Karmy Widjaja
SHA 2013
Hometown: Singapore
Fun Fact: I fractured my collarbone while doing gymnastics.
Favorite Part of Greek Life: Being able to meet different  types of people, the sisterhood in my own sorority and being active in a variety of things on campus.

Jamil Ahmed
CAS 2013
Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Fun Fact: I have double jointed index fingers.
Favorite Part of Greek Life: Being able to travel to other  schools to visit other members of my organization.

Jessica Lin
CGS 2014
Hometown: Little Neck, NY
Fun Fact: I can speak three different dialects of Chinese.
Favorite Part of Greek Life: It gives me the opportunity to  network and I enjoy the bond that I share with my pledge sisters.