Is there a cost associated with joining Greek Life?

For the most part. Membership in IFC or Panhellenic Greek Life requires a financial commitment in the form of semesterly dues, which go towards university fees, headquarters dues, and chapter programming. The cost of these dues depends on the organization, but the average is about $400 per semester. Many organizations offer scholarships and reduced dues for those who would like to join but cannot afford to do so. Inquire about this with individual organizations of your interest. However, organizations that are part of the Multicultural Greek Council do not pay dues.

How do I know which organization is right for me?

During fraternity recruitment, the IFC will host open houses where you can learn about all of the on-campus fraternities and meet some of their members. In addition, each fraternity will be hosting its own series of recruitment events, which are all geared towards helping you learn about what makes them unique. At the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide which organization is the right fit for you based on their size, mission, and culture.

During formal sorority recruitment you will have the chance to meet all ten Panhellenic sororities on the first night. As recruitment progresses, you will have more time with fewer chapters. This process gives you the chance to get to know the chapters and decide which one is right for you.

Do I have to worry about hazing/what is the new member process like?

All new members will be required to go through an orientation process within the organization they select. This differs from group to group, but usually involves education about the fraternity or sorority, community service projects, and friendship-building exercises. All fraternity and sorority laws strictly forbid hazing of any kind. Boston University also takes a zero-tolerance stance on the issue, and enforces its policies rigorously. For information about what constitutes hazing, official policies on the issue, or to report a hazing incident, visit our safety page.

When does the recruitment process begin?

IFC recruitment officially kicks off with Splash! on September 5th. Individual fraternity recruitment begins on the 10th, and continues through the 18th (please note that dates are subject to change at this time). Click here for more detailed information on fraternity recruitment.

Sorority Formal Recruitment takes place in the spring semester, just following winter break. 2016 Sorority Formal Recruitment will begin on February 12th. Click here to learn more about sorority recruitment.

What are the requirements for joining Greek Life?

Aside from the financial commitment that is discussed above, joining Greek Life requires that you be an undergraduate student at Boston University. There is no general GPA requirement for joining the Greek Community as a whole, however each individual organization has their own academic requirements.

Will I have time for a fraternity or sorority?

Time commitment depends from chapter to chapter, but is typically the most intensive during the first semester of membership due to the orientation period. Generally speaking, a member can expect to attend weekly chapter meetings, as well as other mandatory events such as initiation and philanthropy events, which are all planned out well in advance. Most students are able to comfortably manage Greek Life even with a full course load and job or other activity.

What are the practical benefits of membership?

Aside from the immediate benefits of friendship and community, members of Greek Life receive many advantages not available through any other organization. Being a member of Greek Life teaches time management and interpersonal skills, and many workshops on leadership and other valuable subjects are exclusively available to Greeks. Greek Life also provides a unique opportunity to take a leadership role in an organization and plan out events that benefit the entire community. Lastly, the ties of brotherhood and sisterhood extend far beyond the Boston University campus, and initiated members are instantly connected with a vast, nationwide network of potential business contacts.

Are there official chapter houses?

The short answer is no, Boston University does not provide dedicated on-campus Greek housing (yet!). However, Greek Life members often live together in on and off-campus apartments. In addition, most fraternities rent houses that are unofficially considered chapter houses.