Luke Manley

Program Manager
Global Programs

Luke will develop and implement a global operations training and outreach program, enhance and maintain the Global Programs inventory of global operations best practices, and provide operational support to faculty and staff developing or managing global activities. Previously, Luke worked for the International Forensic Program at Physicians for Human Rights providing on-the-ground project planning, implementation, and support as well as building and maintaining relationships with researchers, consultants, and other stakeholders in Western Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Luke has also worked for Peace Programs at The Carter Center and for several years at the University of Southern California developing, coordinating, and executing national conferences, as well as providing grant administration and clinical research support. He holds an MPH in Global Health Leadership from the University of Southern California where he was the first student to conduct his thesis research in the Middle East; focusing on cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Syria, Turkey, the West Bank, and Tunisia. Luke enjoys all manner of outdoor activities and is an avid reader, particularly of historical fiction.