Jill Costello

Director, Strategic Program Support
Global Programs

Jill Costello has been helping organizations and individuals succeed in international, intercultural and changing environments throughout her career. She has over 20 years of private, public, and non-profit global work experience, including a dozen years resident outside of the US. Her experience gives her first-hand knowledge of the personal, professional and institutional challenges of adapting to a new cultural and work environment. Prior to joining Global Programs, Jill served as Assistant Director of BU’s Center for Global Health and Development (CGHD), where she contributed to strategic management, in particular overseeing business development, communications, and collaborations within the University and around the globe. Earlier in her career, she launched and ran the human resources department of a joint Russian-UK investment bank; registered and set up local offices for small business development projects across early post-Soviet Russia; provided technical assistance to NGOs in Chile and Ukraine; and advised private African and East European companies developing HIV/AIDS policies and programs for employees and their dependents. She holds an MPH in International Health from Boston University and a BA in Russian Language and Literature from Pomona College. A consummate traveler and explorer, Jill has visited 50 countries for business and pleasure, is fluent in Russian and conversant in Spanish.