Respond to Events and Emergencies

If you need emergency or other travel assistance while abroad, follow these steps:

  • 1Meet the immediate needs of participants

  • 2Assess the situation

  • Identify specific threats or dangers.
  • Determine immediate steps that can be taken to help reduce the harm, danger, or threat level.
  • Evaluate whether they are safer remaining in their present location(s) or where they should go if relocation is necessary.
  • 3Contact all program participants

  • Confirm all are safe and accounted for within one hour or as soon as possible.
  • Determine and record their present locations.
  • Instruct them to follow the program’s emergency plans, specifically where to go/not go and what they should do/not do.
  • For both emergency and non-emergency help.
  • Use ACE (faculty and staff) or CISI or OnCall (students).
  • 5Notify designated program contact

  • Inform on-site and/or Boston contact of the nature of the crisis, your location, the location of students and staff members, and all relevant details.
  • If you cannot reach your designated contact within fifteen minutes, call their designated backup person.
  • If you cannot locate either person, please call BU Global Programs Associate Director of Health, Safety & Security.
  • 6Update the University

  • Continuously throughout the crisis and regularly in the following hours and days regarding the condition, safety, and location of all personnel.
  • Pass along new information as it becomes available or as conditions change.
  • 7Maintain a written log

  • Include specific dates, times, actions taken, and other relevant details, beginning with your first notice of the crisis and continuing through its resolution.
  • Include copies of all emails.
    • Submit to your department and Global Programs.
    • Include a description of the event.
    • Include a summary of information from the Incident Logs.
    • Include a record of communications:
      • Interviews with those involved
      • Reports from authorities
      • Situational analysis
      • Recommendations for future actions

    Emergency Travel Assistance Access

    HTH Worldwide

    OnCall International

    • 866-525-1956 (direct) or
    • 603-328-1956 (international collect)
    • Group #711110

    ACE Executive Assistance

    • 800-766-8206 (direct)
    • 202-659-7777 (international collect)
    • Plan #01 SP 585; Policy #PHFD 36915213

    Other Providers

    • Contact your program director.
    • Contact your program’s own emergency travel assistance provider or travel agency.