Global Program Activities Questionnaire

Through data and a better understanding of what BU is doing around the world, we can showcase that BU is—and has always been—a truly global university. Outreach efforts like the annual Global Program Activities Questionnaire (GPAQ) allow Global Programs to create a central repository for BU’s extensive global activities.

Prior to the launch of the questionnaire, BU had limited information about how many or what type of initiatives were taking place around the world. Now, better data tells a better story. We can more easily connect faculty with relevant funding opportunities and with other BU faculty interested in the same region, which is helping to catalyze cross-disciplinary activities as envisioned in the BU strategic plan. The data is also used to populate the BU global map, for leadership analysis, and for reporting requirements for organizations such as the IRS and NEASC.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this important questionnaire.

FY 2013 Activity Information

We are currently collecting global activity information for FY 2013 ( July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013). To save time, entries from last year can be updated quickly using the “clone” feature in the questionnaire. If you did not have any global activities between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013, then you do not need to complete the questionnaire.

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Questions and Answers about the Questionnaire

What is a “global activity”?

We use the term “global activity” to cover a broad range of teaching, training, research and service activities, projects, or programs conducted by faculty or staff outside of the US.

What global program activities should be included in this survey?

Routine activities, such as attending international conferences or meetings with professional colleagues abroad, do not need to be reported. However, projects that involve the following should be included:

  • Any teaching, research, or consulting work conducted in another country (including faculty-led student trips, even of short duration, as well as online or distance education programs that are specifically marketed to or designed for students based outside of the US)
  • The hiring of individuals to work in a host country, either as employees or contractors
  • Use of a local, in-country payroll administrator
  • Establishment of a bank account in another country
  • Transfer of funds between countries, including to or from the US
  • Humanitarian relief efforts

What about BU Study Abroad programs?

Study Abroad programs run by the BU Study Abroad office do not need to be reported by academic departments. The Study Abroad staff will provide information for these global activities.

What time frame is requested to be reported?

Because of the IRS reporting requirements, we are seeking information for FY13: July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. However, for purposes of planning and visibility, we encourage you to contact Global Programs with information about recently initiated and future activities.

Who should complete the survey?

Generally, we recommend that one individual within a unit or department of a BU school, college, center, or institute with the most knowledge about their unit’s global program activities coordinate the gathering of information and complete the questionnaires for their unit. These individuals may be the chair, principal investigator, resident director, or administrator with requisite knowledge of the activities.

This Microsoft Word version of the questionnaire may be helpful to prepare your answers in advance of entering the survey.

Should a separate questionnaire be completed for each country in which program activities take place?

Yes, please complete a separate questionnaire for each country in which activities were conducted during the requested time frame. Within a single questionnaire, you can enter information on multiple separate activities taking place in that country (in the “Activity Information” section).

If there are multiple program activities in one country, should a separate questionnaire be completed for each one?

In general, one questionnaire per country should suffice as this questionnaire would include all program activities, as described above. However, if you feel that an accurate description of your activities requires a separate questionnaire for each one, you may do so. In either case, please do not double count in-country staff or other resources.

Why are you asking about bank and financial information?

Because of BU’s nonprofit status, the US Internal Revenue Service requires that certain information about the University’s activities conducted outside of the US be collected and reported on an annual basis. Reports to the IRS provide aggregate data only, not program-specific details, but we require program-level information in order to calculate totals.

When should this questionnaire be completed?

The deadline for the FY 2013 Global Program Activities Questionnaire is Wednesday, November 27. If you have any questions, please contact Global Programs at Thank you again for your participation.