Country Networks

Would you like to connect with colleagues who have similar geographic interests or project experience? Are you seeking partners at a foreign university? Are you planning to meet with foreign colleagues and would like to become familiar with their working culture?

With nearly 4,000 faculty and over 9,000 staff spread over two Boston campuses and abroad, BU is a big place. It can be difficult finding colleagues to partner with or to find out information about others’ past experiences. To make it easier, throughout the year Global Programs brings together faculty and staff who would like to find connections and share experiences, challenges, and best practices with colleagues who are working in a particular country or region.

We are continually updating our Country Networks as we learn about new programs and faculty and staff needs. The largest current academic networks concern India, China, and Brazil, but others are active as well. Please get in touch if you would like to be informed of upcoming webinars, networking events, or helpful information about a particular country or region.

Those specifically interested in India—and BU’s strategic interest in the country—can find more information on the India Initiatives pages.

Relevant Webinars

  • India—The Next Frontier
  • China & India: What You Need to Know When Conducting Research or Educational Activities
  • Sub-Saharan Africa—What You Need to Know When Conducting Research or Educational Activities
  • International Partnerships

Available via the Global Programs Resources page.