Going Global: No passport required

From infusing your courses with international perspectives to inviting foreign scholars and students to your department, there are numerous ways to inject international elements into your work at Boston University without leaving the country.

Internationalize your courses

Challenge your students to apply their education to critical world issues, understand different cultural perspectives, and be ethical and responsible citizens in our highly globalized world. Use your own international experiences or interests; ask students to discuss what they learned while studying abroad; use technology to connect with foreign students and experts abroad; or develop course content that blends Western and Eastern perspectives. We have curated a number of helpful resources to help you find ways to infuse your curriculum with a global flavor.

Encourage your students to study abroad

BU’s Study Abroad program offers an unmatched variety of academic and internship programs in more than 30 cities and 20 countries on six continents, with concentrations on language, liberal arts, fine arts, science, business, and engineering. Study Abroad staff are available to make classroom presentations. Opportunities for graduate students are offered through many schools and colleges, and we can help you design new programs, too.

Connect with international scholars and students on campus

With over 7,000 faculty, post-docs, visiting scholars, and graduate and undergraduate students from other countries studying and working on our Boston campus every year, there are practically limitless opportunities to tap into advice on cultural, professional, and practical questions, and to gain new perspectives. Creating these kinds of connections are small steps that lead to a truly globalized campus environment.

Invite foreign scholars to your department

Each year, over 1,000 foreign scholars from more than 80 countries conduct research, teach, and offer international perspectives to our campus. Some arrive via international collaborations while others come as part of the Fulbright and other exchange programs. Find out how you can host international scholars.

Host and attend international events

The BU Global Calendar lists international-themed events across campus, from roundtables, guest lectures, movie screenings, and cultural events. Join in and encourage your students to attend or add your own events. And don’t forget about International Education Week, which happens each November.

Going Global: Pack Your Bags

Discovering new people, places, and ideas abroad will ultimately benefit you, your students, and colleagues as you share and apply your experiences back home. We can help you set up and manage your activity abroad, put you in touch with potential collaborators and teaching exchange opportunities, and let you know about important health and safety considerations while traveling.

Launch your teaching, research, or service project abroad

Each year over 400 teaching, research, and service activities connected to BU take place around the world.

Team up with foreign colleagues and institutions

Want to collaborate on international research, guest teach abroad, or be part of a technical exchange? Collectively, the BU community maintains hundreds of relationships with colleagues and institutions around the world. Global Programs can help you leverage existing connections, provide guidance for new collaborations, and facilitate the approval process when needed.

Pursue funding for international initiatives

As you seek funding for your global engagement, there are many options:

Apply for a Fulbright. The Fulbright US Scholar Program sends 800 scholars and professionals each year to over 140 countries, where they lecture or conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields. More than 60 BU faculty have received this prestigious award.

Apply for a BU-only faculty exchange program. Boston University offers several exchange program opportunities for faculty. Each year, these short-term opportunities allow a limited number of BU scholars to conduct research and work with colleagues at overseas partner institutions in China, France, and Italy. Faculty at these partner institutions apply to travel to Boston to team up with colleagues here at BU.

Leverage BU's overseas sites

Over several decades, BU has strategically invested in its permanent infrastructure around the world. Outside of Boston, BU owns or has a controlling interest in real estate assets (offices and even some dormitories) in:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Washington, DC, USA

Limited housing, office, or classroom space may be available in other locations. Contact us for more information about how to leverage these resources for your next trip or project.

In addition, we also have hundreds of permanent staff in cities around the world who are advancing the teaching, research, and service missions of BU. While these offices are primarily used for undergraduate study abroad, there may by ways to leverage these resources to enhance intellectual, cultural, research, and teaching activities. If you will be traveling to one of these cities and would like to connect with BU students and faculty abroad, let us know and we will help to make the connections.

Connect with international alumni

If you are traveling overseas, consider contacting Development & Alumni Relations to inform them of your activities and to determine whether there are alumni who could be of assistance with your efforts. For development-related issues, or to explore opportunities for a particular project or program, please speak with your school’s development officer.