To download theses, right-click on each link, and choose ‘save link as,’ or ‘download linked file as’ (the choice will vary depending upon what browser you are using).

Sheet

The sign-in sheet is for noting your approximate attendance and makeup (faculty, students, staff, new faces) for your event, when appropriate.

Image With the Tagline

JPEG, International Education Week image with tagline

Image Without the Tagline

JPEG, International Education Week Image, 2013


Thumbnail image, letter size poster, International Education Week 2013
Thumbnail image, International Education Week 2013 poster with bleed
Thumbnail image, letter size International Education Week poster with artwork, 2013

Location Posters

Events Sheet

Facebook Advertisements

Email Templates

The compressed .zip file below contains three HTML email templates. One is an example of an email that BU Global Programs would send out, one is an example of an email that BU Study Abroad would send out, and one is an editable template for all departments to use.

Thumbnail image, email template, International Education Week, 2013

Download the .zip archive file, unzip it, and, for the template that you want to use:

  1. Open the HTML email file in a web browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  2. Select all, and copy.
  3. Open an email software package, like Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Place the cursor in the body of the message, and paste.
  5. Change the header to your department’s name.
  6. Add in your information. (Leave the last paragraph as is. This should be present in all IEW emails.)
  7. Update the footer with your department’s name and address and website. Don’t forget to link your website with the correct address.

Images for Email Signatures

iew-email-signature-short iew-email-signature-with-globe

These images could be used at the bottom of your email signatures, to help promote International Education Week.

Web Advertisements

This image is meant for use on your website for your school, college or department. It should be linked to the IEW home page:

293px x 172px:


International Education Week 2013


264px x 177px:

International Education Week 2013


TV Screensaver

This PowerPoint presentation/JPG is meant for use on television screens throughout BU.

GIF, TV screensaver image, International Education Week 2013