Globally Speaking

Globally Speaking at BU was an initiative supported by Professor William Waters (World Languages and Literatures) while he held BU’s NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship in the Humanities from 2014-2017. It is currently suspended.

The Globally Speaking program provides informal,
non-credit introductory language courses free of charge
for all members of the BU community.

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What students are saying:

“I love that Globally Speaking exists!”

“I like how it’s laid back and about learning, not testing.”

“I love the friends I made in the class.”

“Great class, perfect teaching.”

“We need more of this class.”

“The class is a fun, stress-free end to my day.”

“I love the atmosphere. Everyone is there because they want to be there.”

“Really fun! I learned a lot too :)”

“I wish this class could meet more than once a week!”

“I thought the course was perfect.”

“This class has been very worth the time.”

“Love this program! Keep Globally Speaking!”



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