Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a current undergraduate student? Check out our Student FAQs below.

What do you mean by service?

From volunteering at a homeless shelter to caring for a disabled neighbor’s pet, if you think it might be service, it probably is. Visit the About section for more specific examples of service.

What if I’m busy on the day of my city’s volunteer event?

This year, no problem! In 2014, every day in April will be considered a day of service. GDS service opportunities will be taking place throughout the month, so you can find a site and time that will work for your schedule. Only one site in your area? You can also volunteer on your own time, and record any hours worked in the month of April, which will count towards the grand total.

You may prefer to instead make a gift to a Boston University annual fund in honor of the Global Day of Service. After the event, we’ll count up GDS donations and report the total alongside total service hours!

May children participate?

Designated service sites appropriate for children will be noted as such. Beyond designated service sites, children are encouraged to participate with the permission of their parents, at sites determined by their parents to be safe and appropriate.

I’m a BU undergraduate student. What do I need to know about the Global Day of Service?

To find out more about volunteering as a BU undergraduate student, please see our Student FAQs below.

How much does the event cost?


I want to organize an official service site. What do I need to do?

Great! We love hearing from eager volunteers! Please fill out the Volunteer Leaders form and we will be in touch!

Why do I need to register?

Keeping an eye on the number of community members who want to participate allows us to estimate resources needed for each official site—and to determine when new cities and sites need to be added. Plus, whether you’re striking out on your own or participating at a designated site, evidence of your support and interest keeps us pumped up and at the ready with creative ideas for serving those in need!

All of the service sites in my area are full. What should I do?

Email us to let us know you’re interested—or pick an organization that’s meaningful to you and do your own thing. Work solo or gather a group via the BUAA Facebook page, discussion groups on our Alumni Online Community, BUAA on Twitter, or at a BU alumni event.

I don’t see any sites in my area listed. How do I participate?

Email us to suggest a city—or pick an organization that’s meaningful to you and do your own thing. Work solo or gather a group via the BUAA Facebook page, discussion groups on our Alumni Online Community, BUAA on Twitter, or at a BU alumni event.

Student FAQs

How do I register?

Current undergraduate students can register for Global Days of Service through the students’ Eventbrite page. Graduate students and all other guests interested in joining us for Global Days of Service should register through the Projects Worldwide page.

How do I get to site on Saturday, April 19, 2014?

Students will gather in the Student Activities Center Gym (SAC) at 1 University Road the morning of the Global Day of Service to meet their site leaders and groups. Details about your site-specific transportation and what time you must meet at the SAC will be included in the confirmation email you will receive a week before the event.

Sites may leave at different times depending on where they are located. The Community Service Center will arrange transportation to sites for all undergraduate students. Transportation may be by foot, bus, T, or van. This information will also be sent in your confirmation email. If you are a graduate student or an alumni, then you will need to arrange your own transportation.

Will meals be provided?

Undergraduates will be provided with breakfast at the SAC Gym (1 University Road), where undergraduate students will meet with their site leaders and groups to head to site together. For students with meal plans, Rhetty-to-Go meals will be provided for lunch. One meal will be deducted from their meal plans. For students without meal plans, a lunch will also be provided. Alumni and graduate students are asked to bring their own bag lunch to site.

What should I bring and wear?

Bring your Terrier Card, T pass (if you have one), water bottle, and health insurance card (in case of emergency). Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you are willing to get dirty! Certain sites may have more specific requirements. If there are specific clothing requirements, they will be sent to you in your confirmation email a week before the event.

I cannot do service on the day of April 19th. Are there other ways I can participate in GDS?

If you cannot volunteer on April 19th, you are welcome to volunteer on your own during the month of April and log your hours. If you need site suggestions, feel free to contact

I would like to help out with Global Day of Service. How can I get more involved?

Volunteer to be a site leader! Site leaders will be the main contact person for the site, and are responsible for making sure that volunteers get to and from site safely. If you are interested in becoming a site leader, please register here.

Can I volunteer as part of a group?

Absolutely! Groups of up to 30 undergraduate students can register together on the Global Day of Service Eventbrite registration website. If your group is larger than 30 students, please email and we will try to accommodate you. Information for each group member will still be needed to complete the group’s registration, so please have those details ready. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can do our best to accommodate large groups.

I need help logging my hours.

If you need verification for volunteering hours performed for an outside commitment, you must contact the Community Service Center at at least one week before the event. The Community Service Center cannot provide verification without prior notification.

If you are interested in contributing your hours to Boston University’s Capital Campaign and The Million Hours Project, we highly encourage students to log their hours here.

I am a BU alumnus/alumna. Can I still sign up here?

Alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and graduate students can sign up for the Global Days of Service through the Global Days of Service Website.

What if I’m studying abroad?

Thank you for wanting to incorporate service during your abroad experience! Students studying abroad should look for international sites on the Projects Worldwide page. Check with your program to see if any official groups have been organized in your area.

Still have questions?
Contact the Community Service Center at or 617-353-4710.