Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation are essential components of the Collaborative model. Our faculty and staff regularly conduct primary care systems and academic needs assessments in order to make recommendations for improvements. In addition, our continuous research in primary care techniques and technology directly contributes to the lasting success of Collaborative programs.

Our research and evaluation capacity extends to:

  • Primary care clinics and delivery networks, both private and public
  • Academic needs concerning  medical training at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels and the development of a Family Medicine specialty
  • Primary care research networks
  • Longitudinal faculty development programs in teaching, clinical care, curriculum development, research, management and leadership

Current Projects:

Baseline Study for National Hospital (Lesotho)

Technical Consultation for National Hospital (Lesotho)

Past Project:

AFINS Hospital Nutrition Project (Vietnam)

Evaluation of Family Medicine Specialty Training in Vietnam

Rapid Donor Survey for Lesotho Health Sector