Primary Care and Health Systems Strengthening

Our ultimate mission is to improve the quality of health care around the world by increasing access to primary care on the national level. Our faculty act as expert consultants to provide guidance to local partners in integrating Family Medicine principles and practices and other culturally-appropriate models into pre-existing primary care structures. Our system strengthening activities involve creating or improving primary care infrastructure, delivery networks, and training opportunities for medical professionals.

Current Projects:

AFINS Hospital Nutrition Project (Vietnam)

Primary Care and Medical Education in Central Vietnam

Strengthing Community Health Services (Lesotho)

Strengthing District Hospitals and Health Centers (Lesotho)

Technical Consultation for National Hopsital (Lesotho)

Vietnam Family Medicine Development Project

Past Project:

Building HIV/AIDS Capacity and Improving Quality in the Context of Sustainable Primary Care in Lesotho

Developing the Lesotho Primary Health Care Workforce: Nurse Clinicians and Family Medicine Physicians

Improving Primary Care in the Mekong Delta: Family Medicine Development

Jump Starting Lesotho’s Response to HIV/AIDS: Problem Solving for Better Health (PSBH)

Rapid Donor Survey for Lesotho Health Sector

Teacher Training and Healthy Teachers in Lesotho