Welcome to the home of the Boston University Family Medicine Global Health Collaborative. Through this initiative, the Boston University Department of Family Medicine has reaffirmed its commitment to improving health access and supporting the provision of primary care services for the underserved around the world.

Our Vision

As a proven leader, the Collaborative offers expertise in the development and implementation of locally sustainable models of primary care.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Collaborative is to raise the level of health care for underserved populations world-wide by enhancing primary care through medical education, improving health systems management, increasing access to high quality clinical services and promoting research and evaluation.

Our Work

In order to accomplish our mission, we engage in the following key activities:

  • Develop and implement educational programs that train health care leaders and practitioners to provide high quality and cost-effective primary care services
  • Build partnerships to improve clinical services to those in need
  • Provide health management education and services to strengthen health care systems
  • Conduct research projects that promote improved health care

For more information on our services, please consult our pamphlet.