Santander Scholars Program

As a practice-based school of public health, the Boston University School of Public Health is committed to promoting experiential learning activities to better prepare its graduates to be successful in the world of work, both domestically and globally. The Santander Scholars Program is a three year agreement between Santander Bank and Boston University aimed at contributing to this mission.

To facilitate the School of Public Health’s core commitment to train public health professionals who are adept in a complex, globalizing world, it will utilize the funding received through the Santander Scholars Program to improve and expand several programs within its Field Practice Program in the Department of Global Health. The following scholarships are available to all School of Public Health students to facilitate international practica:

For returning Santander Scholars, please help us in thanking Santander, by sending in a field photo (plus the story behind it) and a brief note on what receiving the Santander Award has meant to you here.

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