GH Practicum

One of the many benefits of an SPH education is the capacity for students to travel abroad for an international practicum placement. This option is available to all SPH students and is of particular interest to those taking global health classes. Because of the unique challenges facing students wishing to go abroad, we have compiled this list of helpful hints and relevant links to help find the right practicum for you, pursue funding opportunities, and stay well informed when traveling.

For students who matriculated after Fall 2016 and have found a practicum fill out this form and send it to Brendan Hoey for approval. The practicum portal will be running soon! Stay tuned!

The Practice Office provides many resources for students who are getting ready to complete their practicum.  Their website provides students with a great starting point for understanding the practicum requirements while helping students determine where they would like to complete the practicum.

To review GH trip reports by region, visit: (if you do not have a login, you’ll need to create one and login before you can navigate to this URL.

The MPH Practicum requirement can also be met through several unique programs: