CE Examples

Below are a few examples of CEs completed by students, organized by option. These can help clarify the quality of work and the level of detail CE advisors and the CE review committee are looking for in a Culminating Experience.

Option 1 – Policy Analysis

Option 1 Problem Purpose Statement (PPS)
Author: Dominique Chambless

Evaluation of Nutrition Program in Fond des Blancs, Haiti
Author: Marie N. Seraphin

Buen Pastor Clinic can more Cost-Effectively Screen and Treat for Cervical Cancer by Prioritizing its Current Use of VIA and adding Cryotherapy Treatment
Author: Aiesha Garrett

Strengthening Cambodia’s Health System through Contracting of Health Centers
Author: Zina Jarrah

Option 2 – Published Journal Article

Option 2 Journal Article Project Proposal
Author: Cathleen Cisse

Misdiagnosis of Latent Tuberculosis Infection for Cross-reactivity of M. avium Complex
Author: Elysia Larson

Option 3 – Independent Project

Option 3 Project Proposal
Author: Anand Sridharan

CE Photoessay Option 3
Author: Jennifer Foth


Writing Tips for your CE: Examples of past CEs, frequently asked questions and writing tips for the Option 1 CE can be found here. You can also avail yourself of a robust offering of writing guidance and resources, designed for the CE’s predecessor, which was called a Concentration Paper. Another source is the Purdue Online Writing Lab which has over 2oo free resources to improve your writing skills.