CE Examples

 Here are a few examples of CEs completed by students organized from each option. These can help you get a sense of the quality of work and the level of detail your advisor and the CE review committee are looking for in a Culminating Experience.

Option 1 – Policy Analysis

Option 1 Problem Purpose Statement (PPS)
Author: Dominique Chambless

Evaluation of Nutrition Program in Fond des Blancs, Haiti
Author: Marie N. Seraphin

Buen Pastor Clinic can more Cost-Effectively Screen and Treat for Cervical Cancer by Prioritizing its Current Use of VIA and adding Cryotherapy Treatment
Author: Aiesha Garrett

Strengthening Cambodia’s Health System through Contracting of Health Centers
Author: Zina Jarrah

Option 2 – Published Journal Article

Option 2 Journal Article Project Proposal
Author: Cathleen Cisse

Misdiagnosis of Latent Tuberculosis Infection for Cross-reactivity of M. avium Complex
Author: Elysia Larson

Option 3 – Independent Project

Option 3 Project Proposal
Author: Anand Sridharan

CE Photoessay Option 3
Author: Jennifer Foth


Writing Tips for your CE: Examples of past CEs, frequently asked questions and writing tips for the Option 1 CE can be found here. You can also avail yourself of a robust offering of writing guidance and resources, designed for the CE’s predecessor, which was called a Concentration Paper. Another source is the Purdue Online Writing Lab which has over 2oo free resources to improve your writing skills.