MPH and Global Health Competencies

SPH graduates bring a well-rounded, evidence-based approach to addressing public health problems. You will be prepared to work in a wide array of settings and understand the interplay of the biological, social, economic, cultural, political, behavioral, and environmental factors that affect health. You will have the ability to critically analyze public health literature, create innovative solutions to problems in collaboration with others, evaluate program effectiveness, and present your views clearly to a range of audiences, both verbally and in writing.

Upon completion of the MPH degree requirements, you will be able to:

  • Identify the determinants of health and disease
  • Estimate the burden and patterns of disease in communities to prioritize health needs
  • Use systematic approaches to develop, implement, and evaluate public health policies, programs, or services
  • Communicate effectively to promote the health of all members of our communities, especially the disadvantaged, underserved, and vulnerable
  • Access and use data to identify and solve public health problems
  • Work independently and as part of a team, and demonstrate effective leadership qualities and practices
  • Make decisions that reflect ethical considerations and respect for the values, beliefs, and practices within diverse communities and cultures
  • Demonstrate professional knowledge and skills for effective practice in your selected field of study

In addition to the program competencies, identified above, that all MPH graduates master, upon completion of the requirements for the MPH in Global Health, graduates will be able to:

  • demonstrate skills in program and budget management that can be used to design and implement health programs in low- and middle-income country settings
  • apply a multidisciplinary approach to analyze health systems and institutions involved in financing and providing preventative and curative health services at the multilateral, bilateral, national, and community levels in low- and middle-income countries
  • integrate information and apply models from epidemiological, economic, behavioral, and cultural perspectives to promote social changes required to improve the health of populations

If you have questions about MPH or Global Health specific competencies, please contact Travis DiJoseph, the GH Academic Services Coordinator, at