Step by Step Overview


Semester before starting the CE:

1) Read the CE Guidelines. This document will give you an overview of the requirements and deadlines associated with the CE. Each CE Option has specific deadlines and forms for which you are responsible. You have the option to follow the CE guidelines from the year you matriculated or for the current year.

2) Additionally, you are encouraged to check out the CE Examples and the CE FAQ page posted on the GH Blast website.

3) It is imperative to talk with your advisor well in advance of deadlines to let them know that you intend to work on your CE with them. GH Faculty members are often traveling and have many teaching and research commitments, so it may take up to a week for you to receive a response. Please DO NOT email them for the first time the day before your paperwork is due.  Start early and communicate frequently. To get started on your CE, consider completing the Problem Purpose Statement Guide to help you develop a strong PPS or proposal.

4) Beginning Fall 2013, students working on their CE are required to register for the CE. If you are planning to register to take the CE for 0 credits, sign up for GH950 through web-based registration.  If you are planning to register to take the CE for either 1 or 2 credits, sign up for GH943.  Students taking GH777 do not need to register for any additional course.   To register for GH943, please complete two forms and submit them together to the SPH registrar’s office.

  1. A directed study proposal form with the GH faculty member supervising your CE; you both sign this form.
  2. An add/drop form to add the directed study to your schedule; only you need sign this form.

The forms are available for download at

Beginning of Semester of the CE:

1) Complete a CE Completion Contract for the semester. If you started your CE in a previous semester and wish to continue work into the next semester, you will need to re-submit your contract. Contracts ought to be signed by you and your advisor, but if your advisor is unable to sign the contract, you may forward an email indicating their willingness to work with you to Joe Anzalone. Either option is fine.

Find the appropriate CE Completion Contract here.

2) Depending on your CE Option, complete either a Problem Purpose Statement or a Project Proposal.  Examples of a PPS and Project Proposals are available here.

3) Complete the online Request to Complete CE Form. You should upload your CE Completion Contract and Problem Purpose Statement/Project Proposal at the end of the online form.

End of Semester of your CE:

1) Forward your advisor’s approval email to Joe Anzalone at If you are taking your CE for credit, be sure to check that your advisor has entered a grade for your work.

2) Update your CV/Resume.

3) Complete a CE Cover Sheet.

4) Complete the online Submission of CE Form. You may upload your completed CE with cover sheet and your CV at the end of the online form.

If you have trouble with the online forms, you can email your paperwork to Joseph Anzalone via

Please note: Students have up to 2 semesters to complete the CE.  If you have not completed the CE by the end of the semester it is started, you must register for GH951 (a zero credit one-time CE extension) in the subsequent semester to continue working on the CE as necessary.  For more information on incompletes, see the CE Process & Policies.