Pre-Registration Form for High Demand Courses Opens

All Day
on Sunday, March 16, 2014
In the past, IH Concentrators have been shut out of courses that were in high demand, due to the first-come, first-served registration system. To ensure that advanced-level students have the chance to take at least one high-demand course prior to graduating, the IH Department has set up a system to prioritize enrollment for students with advanced-level standing, who have not yet taken high-demand courses. Four courses will be participating in pre-registration for Fall 2014: IH743, IH745, IH777, and IH887. THE PROCESS: Advanced-level students who have successfully completed 30 or more credits (and part time students with 24 or more credits) by the end of this Spring 2014 semester, will be invited to complete the online Fall 2014 Pre-Registration Form to indicate their preference for taking: IH743, IH745, IH777, and/or IH887. Only advanced-level students interested in taking these courses need to complete this form. Preference will be given to the above students who have not had the opportunity to take any of the following courses: IH743, IH744, IH773, IH790, IH804, or IH887. The online form to request the high-demand courses will go live for one week on the IH Blast beginning SUNDAY, March 16, and will close on SUNDAY, March 23. We will verify the information and do our best to match you according to your preferences, given the criteria outlined above. Students will be notified by Wednesday, March 26, and those allocated a place in the high-demand course(s) will be enrolled into the course by March 28. For all other Fall 2014 courses, registration will begin as usual on SUNDAY, March 30, 2014, 7:00AM. * Full-time students with less than 30 credits (and part-time students with less than 24) interested in the high-demand courses should add themselves to the wait-list for the respective courses when registration opens on SUNDAY, March 30, 7:00AM at