Internships in Health NGO’s in Ukraine

in Fellowships
January 10th, 2014

Do you have an interest in doing a practicum with a Health NGO in Ukraine?  Do you have some language capacity in Ukrainian or Russian?  Several opportunities to do a practicum in Ukraine are forthcoming.

The Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) is a Ukrainian civil society organization, which unites experts from legal, media and civic-political sectors fighting corruption as a root cause of the key state-building problems in Ukraine.

They could host 2 interns simultaneously. Basic language proficiency would make the internship experience more productive and vivid. The scope of work depends on the start time of the internship and its duration

Intern’s duties:

– jointly with program manager and professional lawyer prepare weekly posts in English for AntAC’s webpage in relation to monitoring of tenders in area of HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, hepatitis, oncology

– conducting ongoing research of international practices in regulation of prices for medicines, anti-corruption in health, etc…

– monitoring of international media specializing in anti-corruption and health issues

– preparing op-eds drafts and blog posts based on AntAC’s anti-corruption activities  in public finances in health care

– preparing draft letters to various stakeholders (like pharmaceutical companies) abroad

– conducting data and documents search using foreign open data platforms

– participation in development and implementation of advocacy campaign in relation to public health on national level

– as a result of internship there could be a professional policy brief (like those U4 is doing) on anti-corruption in healthcare using Ukraine as an example

– editing English version of documents, analytical materials of AntAC

– working in a team on analytical reports alike attached)

If you are interested, please contact Joe Anzalone, with your details.