Emergency Medicine in India – Practicum Opportunity – for Spring or Summer

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November 26th, 2013

Background:  There is a great need for more epidemiological data and analysis to help guide emergency medicine efforts on a local and national level in India This practicum opportunity is a joint placement between Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS – http://www.kimskerala.com) and Apollo Hospitals (http://www.apollohospitals.com) network.  Liz Clark, a BUSPH Alum, who works with KIMS, has reached out to BUSPH to offer this opportunity.  The student would also be working Ms. Clark’s collaborator, Dr. Mahesh Joshi, the head of all Emergency Medicine departments for Apollo Hospitals, as well as theAcademic Director for the Society of Emergency Medicine of India.  MPH students with EMT’s or ER nurses or others with experience or interest in emergency medicine are encouraged to apply.

The anticipated scope of work is:

1)     The student will establish a set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are applicable to the Indian context. The student is expected to do some research prior to coming to India. (Ms. Clark and Dr. Joshi will interact with the student to discuss needs and what’s realistic in the Indian context.)  KPIs will be agreed to in advance of arriving in India.

2)     The student would come to KIMS (Trivandrum) and Apollo (Hyderabad) to collect the agreed data points as well as document basic patient systems in both EDs.  The student will be provided housing by both hospitals and transport to and from the hospital by KIMS. All other expenses will be borne by the student.  All work they perform will remain confidential to the hospitals.

3)     The student will create a final report for both hospital’s executive management.  In this report they will document the KPIs, explain how the KPIs compare to international benchmarks, and then make recommendations to increase operational efficiencies while maintaining or increasing patient safety.

To respond, submit a letter of interest, a resume and dates of availability to Joe Anzalone via josanz@bu.edu . A need-based Santander award is a possibility.